8.6 Removing Workloads

In some circumstances you might need to remove a workload from the PlateSpin Forge inventory and re-add it later.

  1. On the Workloads page, select the workload that you want to remove, then click Remove Workload.

    (Conditional) For Windows workloads previously protected through block-level replication, the PlateSpin Forge Web Interface prompts you to indicate whether you also want to remove the Block-Based Components. You can make the following selections:

    • Do not remove components: The components will not be removed.

    • Remove components but do not restart workload: The components will be removed. However, a reboot of the workload will be required to complete the uninstallation process.

    • Remove components and restart workload: The components will be removed, and the workload will be automatically rebooted. Make sure you carry out this operation during scheduled downtime.

  2. On the Command Confirmation page, click Confirm to execute the command.

    Wait for the process to complete.