6.8 Using Freeze and Thaw Scripts for Every Replication (Linux)

For Linux systems, PlateSpin Forge provides you with the capability to automatically execute custom scripts, freeze and thaw, that complement the automatic daemon control feature.

The freeze script is executed at the beginning of a replication, and thaw is executed at the end of a replication.

Consider using this capability to complement the automated daemon control feature provided through the user interface (see Source service/daemon control:. For example, you might want to use this feature to temporarily freeze certain daemons instead of shutting them down during replications.

To implement the feature, use the following procedure before setting up your Linux workload protection:

  1. Create the following files:

    • platespin.freeze.sh: A shell script to execute at the beginning of the replication

    • platespin.thaw.sh: A shell script to execute at the end of the replication

    • platespin.conf: A text file defining any required arguments, along with a timeout value.

      The required syntax for the contents of the platespin.conf file is:





      Replace <arguments> with the required command arguments, separated by a space, and <timeout> with a timeout value in seconds. If a value is not specified, the default timeout is used (60 seconds).

  2. Save the scripts, along with the .conf file, on your Linux source workload, in the following directory: