6.9 Volumes

Upon adding a workload for protection, PlateSpin Forge inventories your source workload’s storage media and automatically sets up options in the PlateSpin Forge Web Interface for you to specify the volumes you require for protection.

PlateSpin Forge supports several types of storage, including Windows dynamic disks, LVM (version 2 only), RAID, and SAN.

For Linux workloads, PlateSpin Forge provides the following additional features:

The following figures show the Replication Settings parameter set for a Linux workload with multiple volumes and two logical volumes in a volume group.

Figure 6-1 Volumes, Logical Volumes, and Volume Groups of a Protected Linux Workload

The following figure shows volume protection options of an OES 2 workload with options indicating that the EVMS layout should be preserved and re-created for the failover workload:

Figure 6-2 Replication Settings, Volume-Related Options (OES 2 Workload)