19.3 Workload Transformation Methods

PlateSpin Transformation Manager supports planning for the following workload transformation methods:

  • Cloud to cloud (C to C)

  • Cloud to physical (C to P)

  • Cloud to virtual (C to V)

  • Physical to cloud (P to C)

  • Physical to physical (P to P)

  • Physical to virtual (P to V)

  • Virtual to cloud (V to C)

  • Virtual to physical (V to P)

  • Virtual to virtual (V to V)

  • Lift and shift (LnS)

  • Virtual file move (VFM)

  • Decommission (Decom)

    For Decommission, the Workload dialog displays the Original configuration, project, wave, batch, and schedule. PTM does not display the Proposed workload configuration, but it stores the values in the PTM database. It includes proposed values in Advanced Search, Bulk Edit, and Bulk Status Change actions and tracks indirect edits. Thus, you can move a workload in and out of a decommission state.

Automated Mode supports automated execution for two transformation methods where the virtualization hypervisor is VMware and the virtual machines are on VMware Cluster hosts:

  • Physical to virtual

  • Virtual to virtual

All other transformation methods are automatically set up in Planning Mode because they are not supported for automated migration.