4.6 Show Link for Navigation URLs

The Show Link icon for a dialog provides a navigation URL that takes you directly to the dialog for the selected object. You can paste the link in the Location bar of a supported web browser to return directly to the location in the Web Interface. You can also paste the link in other applications, such as email, Excel, and Word, to share with stakeholders.

Users who follow the link will be prompted to log in to the Web Interface. The user must have a PlateSpin Transformation Manager user account to log in. To see the target page and its contents, the user account must be assigned to a role that has permission to access the page and to view or edit the objects displayed on it.

To access a dialog’s Navigation URL for a selected object:

  1. On the dialog, click the Show Link icon in the upper right corner to show the URL to the dialog for the selected object.

  2. (Optional) Click the link to open the dialog in a new tab, then log in again to the Web Interface to gain access.

  3. (Optional) Copy the URL to the clipboard, then do any of the following. Users of the link must log in to access the dialog.

    • Paste the link in the Location bar of any supported web browser to open the dialog in a different browser window.

    • Paste the link in an email to share it with stakeholders.

    • Paste the link in other applications to provide convenient access to the object’s information.