1.2 Benefits of Using Transformation Manager for Large-Scale Transformations

PlateSpin Transformation Manager brings together all aspects of planning into a transformation methodology that is:

  • Consistent

  • Reliable

  • Repeatable

Plan and Track Events through the Full Transformation Life-Cycle

Each workload transformation plan identifies the current and future environment for each workload, including the hardware, applications, and other dependent resources that must be in place for a successful cutover to the target workload. You manage and track progress for each workload independently through all phases from import to completion. You can also track cumulative metrics for each batch, wave, and project.

Automate Migrations across Multiple PlateSpin Migrate Servers

In a PlateSpin Migration Factory environment, you can plan, execute, and monitor workload migrations through Transformation Manager. PlateSpin Migrate Connector load-balances thousands of migration jobs across large farms of PlateSpin Migrate servers. Transformation Manager automates each workload’s migration, according to its transformation plan, through the Migrate Connector.

Track Manual Migrations across Multiple PlateSpin Migrate Servers

Transformation Manager also tracks the status of migration jobs that you manually configure and manage using PlateSpin Migrate user interfaces. You leverage the planning and monitoring features in Transformation Manager to track overall progress for manual PlateSpin Migrate projects.

Planning Features Are Flexible

You can create custom resources for each project, and add custom fields to track information important to you. With powerful forms for search and bulk actions, you can efficiently organize workloads into batches and waves, and apply the same settings on multiple workloads at a time.

Control Access and Visibility through Role-Based Permissions

Planning involves more than the IT staff who performs the technical work. You can assign permissions for key stakeholders to monitor the project status and reports. Keeping interested parties involved with data migrations helps minimize or eliminate potential conflicts for the execution of transformations.

Performance and Scalability Are Built-In

The Web Interface and database are designed to manage up to about 500,000 transformations in a single project.

Role-Based Multi-Tenancy Supports Multiple Customers and Projects

Role-based multitenancy allows you to manage multiple organizations and projects, while protecting the security and confidentiality of their data. Organizations can be the end customers of providers, or different departments in an enterprise. User roles and their related permissions control the actions and visibility of information for users.

Your Transformation Goals Are Achievable

Using Transformation Manager to plan and monitor your transformation projects allows you to achieve your transformation goals:

  • Dramatically increases project predictability

  • Increases transformation speed, reducing the time to completion

  • Improves the success ratio and reduces the likelihood of human error

  • Reduces the costs