1.4 PlateSpin Discovery Environment

In a PlateSpin Discovery environment, PlateSpin Transformation Manager works with the PlateSpin Migrate Connector to provide automated discovery of details when you import a workload or create a Host resource. Workload discovery is required before you can submit a workload for automated migration.

NOTE:PlateSpin Migrate servers are not required for discovery. They can be set up later in your migration projects.

Import with automated discovery simplifies and standardizes the setup of workloads for planning. You provide minimal connection information and logon credentials for the machines. The discovery process retrieves details about each machine, populates properties for the related object in the planning database, and sets up a proposed workload based on those settings.

Transformation Manager provides automated discovery of workloads and hosts:

  • Source workload discovery: Transformation Manager provides the following methods of import and automated discovery of workloads:

    • Spreadsheet

    • Range of IPv4 addresses (0 to 255)

    • Single IPv4 address

  • Target host discovery: Transformation Manager provides automated discovery for target VMware Cluster hosts. Discovery adds the Host resource and adds resources for its discovered networks and datastores.

You can retry failed discoveries for a single workload or for multiple workloads. You can also rediscover workloads or hosts if needed.