1.5 Planning Mode and Automated Mode

PlateSpin Transformation Manager supports the full transformation lifecycle. For each project, you can choose whether to work in Planning Mode or Automated Mode. You can switch between the two modes if needed. You can set a different mode on an individual workload in a project.

  • Planning Mode: Planning Mode allows you to plan a variety of workload migrations that you execute without using the automated execution options in Transformation Manager. In a PlateSpin Migration Factory environment, you can track the state of workload migrations you execute on PlateSpin Migrate servers. You can optionally use Automated Mode for some workloads in a planning project.

    Planning Mode supports the automated tracking of external migrations configured and executed on PlateSpin Migrate servers for workloads that have been imported to the project.

  • Automated Mode: Automated Mode allows you to plan, execute, and track automated workload migrations in your PlateSpin Migration Factory environment. You can optionally use Planning Mode for individual workloads in an automated project.

    Automated Mode supports automated execution of transformations from physical machines and VMware virtual machines to target virtual machines on VMware Cluster hosts.