14.4 What’s Happening

The What’s Happening panel in the Dashboard displays key events for workloads on the current date, or for a specified date. The information enables users to easily see and do the important tasks for the day. Without performing navigation or complex queries, users quickly know what workloads to work on today, or what workloads to prepare for an upcoming date.

What’s Happening identifies common events, such as:

  • The <Project, Wave, Batch, or Workload> start date has arrived.

  • The <Project, Wave, or Batch> is scheduled to be completed today.

  • The workload should be cut over manually today.

  • The workload will be cut over automatically today.

  • The workload will be submitted to a Migration Server today to begin preliminary configuration. Replication begins in {3} days.

  • The completed workload job will be deleted from the Migration Server today.

Table 14-2 Actions for What’s Happening




The current date is selected by default. Click the Calendar icon to open a calendar tool for selecting the date of interest.

Dates are based on the time zone of the PlateSpin Transformation Manager server.


Select an object, then click Open to go to the related page or dialog.

View URL

Pause over the Name of the object to view the page-specific part of the URL in a tooltip.


Type characters in the Search field to find the object of interest.