The Bookmarks panel in the Dashboard lists your personal bookmarks. Bookmarks remember the state of the page or dialog visited. You can easily revisit favorite pages or dialogs without performing repetitive and complex queries. You can also share bookmark URLs with colleagues and stakeholders. Transformation Manager honors the role-based permissions for the URL.

Bookmarks are stored in the PlateSpin Transformation Manager database so that they are always available to you. For information about creating and managing your bookmarks, see Section 4.7, Bookmarks.

Table 14-3 Actions for Bookmarks



View bookmarks

In the list, view the bookmark name, description, and type.


Select a bookmark entry, then click Open to open the page in the current browser tab with the saved filters and selections applied.


Select one or more bookmarks, then click Delete to remove the selected bookmarks from your personal bookmarks. The removal is permanent.


Click Clear to delete all bookmarks in the list.

Filter the list to include only the bookmarks you want to delete, then click Clear. Refresh the page to display the remaining bookmarks.

View URL

Pause over the Name of the bookmark to view the page-specific part of the URL in a tooltip.


Type characters in the Search field to find the bookmark of interest. The search checks the bookmark name and description.