B.0 Bulk Import Spreadsheet

Users Who Can Perform This Task: Project Manager, Project Architect, or any user in the Administrators group

A large-scale data center transformation or migration project can involve hundreds or thousands of workloads. Importing data from a spreadsheet allows you to leverage data you might already have in an asset database.

The information the you include in your spreadsheet depends on your import goals:

  • Planning Only: PlateSpin Transformation Manager allows you to plan for a variety of transformation goals, migration tools, and environments. You can import or re-import data for workloads from the same or different spreadsheets to define the original workload.

  • Automated Discovery: In a PlateSpin Discovery Environment, your import spreadsheet needs to include only the minimal access information for each workload and values for Credentials. The import begins an automated discovery to retrieve detailed information for each new workload. Before you import the spreadsheet, ensure that your setup meets the following requirements:

    • A PlateSpin Migrate Connector instance must be deployed and running in the network where the source workloads reside.

    • The Connector instances must be configured to work with your PTM Server.

    • The Connector instances must be available to your project.

    • The Connector supports automated discovery only for physical and virtual machines.

For each source workload, the import automatically creates an original workload object for your project. It also create an initial proposed workload based on those original settings.

This section describes the bulk import process, and how to prepare a specially formatted spreadsheet that contains data about the machines to import for a project.