5.3 Managing PlateSpin Protect Security Groups and Workload Permissions

PlateSpin Protect provides a granular application-level access mechanism that allows specific users to carry out specific workload protection tasks on specified workloads. This is accomplished by setting up security groups.

  1. Assign a PlateSpin Protect user a Workload Protection Role whose permissions best suit that role in your organization. See Assigning a Workload Protection Role to a PlateSpin Protect User.

  2. Access PlateSpin Protect as an administrator by using the PlateSpin Protect Web Interface, then click Settings > Permissions.

    The Security Groups page opens.

  3. Click Create Security Group.

  4. In the Security Group Name field, type a name for your security group.

  5. Click Add Users and select the required users for this security group.

    If you want to add a PlateSpin Protect user who was recently added to the PlateSpin Server host, it might not be immediately available in the user interface. In this case, first click Refresh User Accounts.

  6. Click Add Workloads and select the required workloads:

    Only users in this security group will have access to the selected workloads.

  7. Click Create.

    The page reloads and displays the your new group in the list of security groups.

To edit a security group, click its name in the list of security groups.