16.5 Service and Daemon Control

PlateSpin Protect enables you to control services and daemons:

  • Source service/daemon control: During data transfer, you can automatically stop Windows services or Linux daemons that are running on your source workload. This ensures that the workload is replicated in a more consistent state than if you leave them running.

    For example, for Windows workloads, consider stopping antivirus software services or services of third-party VSS-aware backup software.

    For additional control of Linux sources during replication, consider the capability to run custom scripts on your Linux workloads during each replication. See Using Freeze and Thaw Scripts for Every Replication (Linux).

  • Target startup state/run level control: You can select the startup state (Windows) or the run level (Linux) of services/daemons on the failover VM. When you perform a Failover or Test Failover operation, you can specify which services or daemons you want to be running or stopped when the failover workload has gone live.

    Common services that you might want to assign a disabled startup state are vendor-specific services that are tied to their underlying physical infrastructure and are not required in a virtual machine.