11.3 Checklist for Migration to VMware Cloud on AWS



  1. Prepare your VMware migration environment.

Section 11.1, Deployment for Migration to VMware Cloud on AWS.

Section 11.2, Planning for Migration to VMware Cloud On AWS

  1. Discover target VMware platform.

Section 21.4.2, Target Discovery in the Web Interface.

NOTE:To discover a target VMware platform on VMC, you must select the VMware Cloud on AWS target type. The discovered target platform is a VMware cluster hosted on VMC and is listed as a VMware DRS cluster.

  1. Discover source workloads.

Section 22.6.2, Workload Discovery in the Migrate Web Interface


Section 22.7, Registering Workloads and Discovering Details with Migrate Agent

  1. Configure target workload migration.

Section 32.4, Automated Migration to VMware Using Migrate Web Interface

NOTE:The target VMware cluster on VMC is listed as a VMware DRS cluster type.

  1. Execute migration.

Section 40.0, Executing Workload Migrations