PlateSpin Migrate 12.2 Patch 1 Readme

August 2017

PlateSpin Migrate 12.2 Patch 1 resolves several issues. This patch is mandatory fix that you must apply on a base installation of PlateSpin Migrate 12.2 (with or without field patches applied) to update your existing installations of the PlateSpin Server and Migrate Client.

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1.0 Document Updates

1.1 August 2017

Ensure that the downloaded .zip file is not blocked by the Windows Security system. You must first unblock the .zip file in order to extract its files in an unblocked state. See Step 6 of the Download instructions in Section 3.0, Updating PlateSpin Migrate.

2.0 Resolved Issues

PlateSpin Migrate 12.2 Patch 1 resolves the following issues:

Bug Numbers



vCloud Migration Preparing Replication Environment: Exception encountered while launching replication environment

1038456, 1036366

Discovery fails. System.InvalidOperationException: Error in XML Document on discovery of Cores per socket

1037321, 974111

Target machine not able to come up due to missing BCD default loader


Windows 2008 Migration goes to recoverable error at Configuring Operating System (Driver Download Patch)


Prepare OS to boot step - Grub2 install command returned 1 with following output: grub2-install error will not proceed with blocklists


Windows Server 2012 - Discovery of workload failed with pre-validation error "This workload cannot be protected/migrated because it has 0 active partitions. Ensure workload has exactly 1 active partition and try again" (Identification of correct boot partition type issue)

1032884, 1031711, 1027148

RHEL 6.3: Unable to create LVM Physical Volumes after multiple retries


Invalid disk configuration after P2V file-based disk resizing


Controller performance issues related to heartbeating repetitive data and heartbeating too frequently during long running job

1032227, 1041947

Migration target does not boot properly because of a network configuration Issue


vCloud Migration - Hot add virtual CPU is only supported on a powered on virtual machine

3.0 Updating PlateSpin Migrate

To apply PlateSpin Migrate 12.2 Patch 1 to your PlateSpin Server, you must have an existing installation of PlateSpin Migrate 12.2.

IMPORTANT:Before applying PlateSpin Migrate 12.2 Patch 1 on a standalone PlateSpin Migrate Client host computer, ensure that .NET Framework 4.5.x is installed on the host computer.

To download the patch:

  1. Go to Micro Focus Patch Finder.

  2. Search for PlateSpin Migrate 12.2, then select PlateSpin Migrate 12.2 Patch 1 from the list of available patches.

  3. Review information about the patch, then click proceed to download.

  4. When you are prompted, log in to your Micro Focus account, then read and accept the U.S. Export Laws and Regulations and the Terms of Use.

  5. On the download page, click download next to the patch .zip file, and save the file.

  6. Ensure that the downloaded .zip file is not blocked by the Windows Security system. You must first unblock the .zip file in order to extract its files in an unblocked state.

    1. Right-click the downloaded .zip file, select Properties, then select the General tab.

    2. If the file is blocked by the Windows Security system, a Security alert displays at the bottom of General tab:

      This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer.

    3. Select Unblock, then click Apply.

      The Security alert is cleared.

    4. Click OK.

To apply the patch:

  1. Log in to the PlateSpin Server host as the Administrator user.

  2. Check and ensure that no operations are running on the PlateSpin Server and the Migrate Client is shut down.

  3. Extract the patch .zip file to a temporary location, such as C:\FTF.

  4. Open a command prompt and change to the extracted directory. Enter

    cd C:\FTF\{Patch Name}

    where {Patch Name} is the name of the .zip file.

  5. Run the PatchInstall.exe application found in the {Patch Name} directory. Enter

  6. Verify that the patch has been installed correctly:

    1. List the affected .dll files. Enter

      PatchInstall.exe /info
    2. In the bin directory on the PlateSpin Server host, you can verify that the modified .dll files have the version set to 12.2.0.x.

  7. Run a replication of your configured workloads using either the Migrate Client or the Web UI.

4.0 Previous Releases

For information about known issues in the PlateSpin Migrate 12.2 release, see the PlateSpin Migrate 12.2 Release Notes.

For documentation that accompanied earlier releases, visit the PlateSpin Migrate 12.2 Documentation website and scroll to Previous Releases.

5.0 Contacting Micro Focus

For specific product issues, contact Micro Focus Support at

Additional technical information or advice is available from several sources:

6.0 Legal Notice

For information about legal notices, trademarks, disclaimers, warranties, export and other use restrictions, U.S. Government rights, patent policy, and FIPS compliance, see

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