4.14 Setting Reboot Method for the Configuration Service

During a cutover action, the Configuration Service optimizes reboots by minimizing the number of reboots and controlling when they occur. If you experience a Configuration Service hang during a cutover action for a Windows workload with an error Configuration Service Not Started, you might need to allow reboots to occur as they are requested during the configuration. You can configure the single affected workload to skip reboot optimization, or configure a global SkipRebootOptimization setting on the PlateSpin Server to skip reboot optimization for all Windows workloads.

To skip reboot optimization for a single Windows workload:

  1. Log on as an Administrator user on the source workload.

  2. Add a file at the root of the system drive (usually C:) called PlateSpin.ConfigService.LegacyReboot with no file extension. From a command prompt, enter

    echo $null >> %SYSTEMDRIVE%\PlateSpin.ConfigService.LegacyReboot
  3. Run the failed Test Cutover or Cutover action again.

To skip reboot optimization for all Windows workloads:

  1. Log in to the PlateSpin Server, then open the PlateSpin Server Configuration page at:


  2. Search for the configuration parameter ConfigurationServiceValues, then click Edit for the parameter.

  3. Change the setting SkipRebootOptimization from false to true.

  4. Click Save.

  5. Run the failed Test Cutover or Cutover again for affected Windows workloads.