4.9 Managing PlateSpin Migrate Security Groups and Workload Permissions

PlateSpin Migrate provides a granular application-level access mechanism that allows specific users to carry out specific workload migration tasks on specified workloads. This is accomplished by setting up security groups.

  1. Assign a PlateSpin Migrate user a Workload Migration Role whose permissions best suit that role in your organization. For more information about the workload migration roles, PlateSpin Migrate Roles.

  2. In the PlateSpin Migrate Web Interface, click Settings > Permissions.

  3. On the Security Groups page, click Create Security Group.

  4. In the Security Group Name field, specify a name for the security group.

  5. (Optional) Click Add Users to select the users you want to grant access to this security group and click OK.

    A PlateSpin Migrate user you recently added to the PlateSpin Server host might not immediately list in the user interface. To list such newly added users, click Refresh User Accounts.

  6. (Optional) Click Assign Workloads, select the workloads you want to include in this group and click OK.

    Only the users of this security group have access to these workloads.

  7. Click Create to add the new group to the security groups list on the Security Groups page.

    NOTE:The default users created during Migrate installation are added to every security group you create, by default.

  8. (Optional) To edit a security group, click the security group name on the Security Groups page and edit the group information as required.

    To delete a security group, click Delete next to the security group name you want to delete.