H.2 Discovery

Table H-1 Common Issues and Solutions Related to Discovery Operations

Problems or Messages


"Application has generated an error" during registration of physical server

This error occurs if the physical server is unable to contact the PlateSpin Server. A common cause is incorrect information entered during the registration process. To restart the registration process, enter RegisterMachine.bat. Ping to confirm basic connectivity with the PlateSpin Server.

My physical server has completed the registration process, but is not seen in PlateSpin Migrate Client

The full registration process can take some time to complete. After the second command prompt window has closed on the physical server, wait a few minutes before clicking the Refresh button in PlateSpin Migrate Client.

Problems discovering source and target servers

KB Article 7920291 contains troubleshooting checklists for discovering the following:

  • Linux servers and VMware ESX Servers

  • Windows-based source and target servers

The article also has instructions for troubleshooting WMI connections and checking if DCOM is enabled.

"Package <…> Not Found" during discovery of existing Windows servers

Check for IIS configuration and network settings.

Could not find file "\\{servername}\admin$\{randomID}.xml"

This error might occur on Windows Server 2003 hosts.

In some cases, either of these troubleshooting steps addresses the issue:

  • Ensure that the Admin$ share on the PlateSpin Server host is accessible. If not, enable it and try the discovery again.

    - OR -

  • 1. From any Web browser, open https://Your_PlateSpin_Server/platespinconfiguration. 2. Locate and edit the ForceMachineDiscoveryUsingService entry and change it to true. 3. Save the value and retry the discovery.

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