D.0 Using the PlateSpin Migrate Command Line Interface

The PlateSpin Migrate Client installation includes a command line interface (CLI) tool to help you perform common migrations tasks. Conversion jobs using .ini files is supported onto VMware and Hyper-V targets only. Using this tool, you can

  • Discover and subsequently refresh a host or target server to populate the Migrate Server with server information.

  • Migrate (also known as "convert") heterogeneous workloads across x86 server and desktop infrastructure in the data center.

  • Prepare the target host for its new workload and then, after a conversion, synchronize the host and the target.

  • Install an image server, capture an image, deploy an image, or incrementally migrate an image.

  • Check the status of a job as it is running, and if necessary, abort it.

This section includes information that can help you use the CLI effectively. The content includes: