1.4 Installing the PlateSpin Migrate Software Components Using a Batch File

To silently install the PlateSpin Migrate Software Components:

  1. From NetIQ Downloads, download the PlateSpinMigrateSetup-12.X.X.X.exe installation program and save it on your intended PlateSpin Server host where you have installed and configured the prerequisite operating system and applications. See Section 1.2, Installing Prerequisite Software.

  2. Double-click the PlateSpinMigrateSetup-12.x.x.x.exe and extract the contents to a folder of your preference, such as C:\Install\.

    IMPORTANT:Do not extract the contents of the .exe file to the default folder.

  3. After the files are extracted, click Cancel to exit the installation wizard.

  4. Depending on your desired installation type, copy and paste one of the following scripts to a batch file and execute the batch file after modifying the installation path as applicable.

    • For a local Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition database:

      C:\Migrate-12.2.0.X\PlateSpinImage\ServerInstall\setup.exe /s /v/qn /v"/l*v c:\install.log" ^

      /v"DBINSTALLTYPE=customerinstall" ^




    • For a remote Microsoft SQL Server Express database:

      C:\Migrate-12.2.0.X\PlateSpinImage\ServerInstall\setup.exe /s /v/qn /v"/l*v c:\install.log" ^

      /v"INSTALLDIR=c:\Migrate" ^

      /v"DBINSTALLTYPE=remotedb" ^



      /v"IS_SQLSERVER_USERNAME= domain\sqladminUser " ^

      /v"IS_SQLSERVER_USER_USERNAME= domain\sqlServiceUser " ^





    Specifies the database install type:

    • For an embedded database: customerInstall

    • For a remote database: remotedb


    Specifies the installation directory. For example: C:\Program Files\PlateSpin Migrate Server


    Specifies the authentication method to be used:

    • For Windows authentication: 0

    • For SQL authentication: 1


    Specifies the database server:

    • For a local database: (local)\PLATESPINDB

    • For a remote database: DatabaseServerName\databaseInstance


    Specifies the password for the database administrator.


    Specifies the password for the database service user.


    Specifies the database administrator user name in the format domain\sqladminUser.


    Specifies the database service user name in the format domain\sqlServiceUser.