1.6 Modifying the Password for the SQL Server Express System Administrator User

If you installed Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition, the installation automatically generated a password for the SQL system administrator user (sa). For improved security, we strongly recommend that you modify the password for the sa credentials after the PlateSpin Server installation is complete. You can use your Windows Administrator credentials and SQL management tools to modify the password without needing to know the generated password.

The Microsoft OSQL (osql) utility is included in the SQL Server Express software. You can use this tool to modify the SQL system administrator password for your SQL Server Express database engine. After you change the password, you must update the information for PlateSpin Server and restart the Platespin Server service.

To change the SQL Server Express sa user password:

  1. Log in to the PlateSpin Server host as the local Administrator user.

  2. Launch the Administrator Command Prompt.

  3. Modify the SQL system administrator password. Enter

    osql -S .\PlateSpinDB -E -Q "ALTER LOGIN sa WITH PASSWORD = '${NewPassword}'"

    This OSQL syntax executes the query that follows the -Q option, and then exits the OSQL utility.

    This command uses the ALTER LOGIN syntax rather than the sp_password stored procedure as recommended by Microsoft in the sp_password (Transact-SQL documentation.

    For information about syntax and commands for OSQL, see OSQL Utility on the Microsoft website.

  4. Update PlateSpin with the new password for the SQL system administrator user. Enter

    %PROGRAM FILES%\"PlateSpin Migrate Server"\bin\PlateSpin.UpdateConnectionString.exe /instance=.\PlateSpinDB /username=sa /password=${NewPassword}
  5. Restart the PlateSpin Server service. Enter

    %PROGRAM FILES%\PlateSpin Migrate Server\bin\RestartPlateSpinServer\RestartPlateSpinServer.exe