40.2 Cleaning Up Linux Workloads

The following are instructions for cleaning up Linux workloads by component and use case.


Use Case

Removal Instructions

Controller software

Offline migrations

In the source workload’s file system, under /boot, remove the ofx directory with its contents.

All live migrations

  • Kill these processes:

    • pkill -9 ofxcontrollerd

    • pkill -9 ofxjobexec

  • Remove the OFX controller rpm package:

    rpm -e ofxcontrollerd

  • In the source workload’s file system, remove the /usr/lib/ofx directory with its contents.

Block-level data transfer software

All block-level migrations

  1. Check if the driver is active:

    lsmod | grep blkwatch

    If the driver is still loaded in memory, the result should contain a line, similar to the following:

    blkwatch_7616  70924  0
  2. (Conditional) If the driver is still loaded, remove it from memory:

    rmmod blkwatch_7616
  3. Remove the driver from the boot sequence:

    blkconfig -u
  4. Remove the driver files by deleting the following directory with its contents:

  5. Delete the following file:


LVM snapshots

Block-level migrations using LVM snapshots

  1. In the Jobs view, generate a Job Report for the failed job, then note the name of the snapshot.

  2. Remove the snapshot device by using the following command:

    lvremove snapshot_name