PlateSpin Migrate 12.1 Patch Update 1 (P1)

August 2016

PlateSpin Migrate 12.1 Patch Update 1 (P1) resolves specific previous issues. This patch is a mandatory fix that you must apply on a base installation of PlateSpin Migrate 12.1. This document outlines why you should install this patch.

Many of these improvements were made in direct response to suggestions from our customers. We thank you for your time and valuable input. We hope you continue to help us ensure that our products meet all your needs. You can post feedback in the PlateSpin Migrate forum on NetIQ Communities, our online community that also includes product information, blogs, and links to helpful resources.

1.0 What’s New?

The following outline the key features and functions provided by this version, as well as issues resolved in this release:

1.1 Support for Virtual SAN Storage

PlateSpin Migrate 12.1 Patch Update 1 includes support for VMware Virtual SAN (vSAN) 5.5 storage.

1.2 Support for Configuring the Windows Cluster Size

PlateSpin Migrate 12.1 Patch Update 1 allows you to configure the cluster size for Windows workloads with the NTFS file system. This support is applicable only for file-based migrations of Windows workloads.

To edit the Windows cluster size, do the following

  1. From any Web browser, open https://Your_PlateSpin_Server/platespinconfiguration/.

  2. Locate the TargetVolumeBlockSizeInBytes parameter and edit its value depending on your requirement. The value of this setting must be a power of 2 between 4 KB and 64 KB. See Microsoft Support website.

    NOTE:Boot volumes use the Windows default size of 4 KB regardless of this setting.

  3. Save your settings and exit the page.

1.3 Enhancements and Software Fixes

PlateSpin Migrate 12.1 Patch Update 1 includes software fixes that resolve the following issues.

Discovery of Workloads in PlateSpin Migrate Client Fails Post Upgrading From Migrate 12 HF1 to Migrate 12.1

Issue: If you have upgraded your Migrate setup from Migrate 12 HotFix 1 to Migrate 12.1, then the discovery of workloads fails with the following error:

.Wrapped StateMachineException

(Bug 945220)

Fix: You can now use the Migrate Client to successfully discover workloads.

Unable to Migrate Workloads to Azure Target With Premium Storage

Issue: If you chose to migrate a workload to an Azure premium storage account, the migration failed. (Bug 990578)

Fix: You can now migrate a workload to an Azure target with premium storage.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Cluster Resource Fails to Come Online on the Migration Target VM After the Cutover Process is Complete

Issue: When you performed a run cutover or test cutover of a Windows Server 2012 R2 failover cluster workload, the Windows Server 2012 R2 cluster resource failed to come online even after the cutover process completed. (Bug 979940)

Fix: The cluster resource of a Windows Server 2012 R2 failover cluster workload now comes online after the test cutover or run cutover process completes.

Unable to Discover Hyper-V Cluster

Issue: When you chose to discover Hyper-V cluster, the discovery failed because the NIC displayed incorrect IP address. For example: 169.x.x.x. (Bug 983366)

Fix: The NIC now displays the correct IP address and the discovery of Hyper-V cluster is successful.

Server Sync Job Stops At Configuring Operating System Step on a Hyper-V 2012 R2 Target Machine

Issue: When a Server Sync job is run on a Hyper-V 2012 R2 target machine, the job stops at the Configuring Operating System step because the VLAN information on the target machine is not available. (Bug 991403)

Fix: The Server Sync Job on a Hyper-V 2012 R2 target machine is now successfully completed.

Conversions Failed When the Total Volume Size on the Source Disks Exceeded 2 TB

Issue: If you chose to migrate source machine having dynamic disk partitions on MBR disk with the total volume size exceeding 2 TB, the conversion failed. (Bug 973423/980448)

Fix: Conversions for disks with volume size exceeding 2 TB are now successful. The source MBR disk having dynamic disk partitions with the total volume size exceeding 2 TB is now converted as GPT disk.

2.0 System Requirements

You must apply this patch update on a base installation of PlateSpin Migrate 12.1. For information about PlateSpin Migrate 12.1, see the PlateSpin Migrate 12.1 Release Notes on the PlateSpin Migrate 12.1 Documentation website.

3.0 Applying the Patch Update

  1. From the PlateSpin Migrate 12.1 Patch Update 1 download site, download the file and save it on your PlateSpin Migrate server. This .zip file contains the executable file to install the patch and the Release Notes.

  2. In the PlateSpin Migrate Web Interface and PlateSpin Migrate Client, pause all replications, allow incomplete jobs to finish, and ensure that no jobs are running.

  3. (Conditional) If the PlateSpin Migrate Client is running, exit it.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to run the downloaded Patch Update and install it.

  5. Resume replications paused in Step 2.

  6. Repeat Step 1 through Step 5 on each PlateSpin Migrate Server computer.

PlateSpin Migrate 12.1 Patch Update 1 has been successfully applied on your computer if the version of the PlateSpin Migrate installed on your computer is

4.0 Known Issues

NetIQ Corporation strives to ensure our products provide quality solutions for your enterprise software needs. The following issue is currently being researched. If you need further assistance with any issue, please contact Technical Support.

4.1 Incorrect Warning Message Displayed When Migrating a Windows or a Linux Workload to a VMware Cluster With Virtual SAN Storage

Issue: If you use the PlateSpin Migrate Client to migrate a Windows or Linux workload to a VMware Cluster that has Virtual SAN (vSAN) storage, an incorrect warning message is displayed as follows:

The selected datastore <datastore> is not shared across VMware cluster

(Bug 992643)

Workaround: Ignore the message.

4.2 Version of the Migrate Product Listed in Program and Features of the PlateSpin Server Control Panel is Not Updated

Issue: When you apply the PlateSpin Migrate 12.1 Patch Update 1 on a Migrate server, the version of the Migrate product listed in the Control Panel > Program and Features of the PlateSpin Server is not updated. (Bug 993192)

Workaround: To view the correct version of PlateSpin Migrate installed on the Migrate server, do one of the following

  • In PlateSpin Migrate Client: Click Help > About PlateSpin Migrate.

  • In PlateSpin Migrate Web Interface: Click About.

4.3 Unable to Add or Discover Target Using VMware DRS Cluster Option In the Web Interface

Issue: After you apply this PlateSpin Migrate 12.1 Patch Update 1, if you choose to use the Web Interface to discover a VMware DRS Cluster, the discovery fails. (Bug 992822)

Workaround: If you are using multitenancy on VMware, manually edit the previously created roles to add the following permissions that are required for the discovery of VCenter cluster nodes. See Setting Up PlateSpin Migrate Multitenancy on VMware.

PlateSpin Virtual Machine Manager:

  • Host.Inventory.AddHostToCluster

  • Host.Inventory.AddStandaloneHost

  • Resource.ColdMigrate

  • VirtualMachine.Config.AddExistingDisk

  • VirtualMachine.Config.AdvancedConfig

  • VirtualMachine.Config.RemoveDisk

  • VirtualMachine.Config.RawDevice

  • VirtualMachine.Config.SwapPlacement

  • VirtualMachine.Config.HostUSBDevice

  • VirtualMachine.Config.DiskExtend

  • VirtualMachine.Config.ChangeTracking

  • VirtualMachine.Config.MksControl

  • System.View

  • System.Read

  • System.Anonymous

PlateSpin Infrastructure Manager:

  • System.View

  • System.Read

  • System.Anonymous

4.4 Change Made to the Adapter Type Used During the Target Take Control Process of Workload Migration to a Hyper-V Target is Not Effective

Issue: After you apply this PlateSpin Migrate 12.1 Patch Update 1, if you use the PreferedHyperVTakeControlNetworkAdapter parameter to edit the adapter type used during the target take control process of a workload been migrated to Hyper-V target, the change is not effective and the default setting continues to apply.

Workaround: None.

4.5 Unable to Validate the Transfer Settings in the INI File When Using CLI Tool For Conversion or ServerSync Jobs

Issue: Migrating Linux workloads using file-based transfer is possible only through offline conversion. If you choose to use the CLI tool to migrate a Linux workload using file-based transfer and edit the settings in [Transfer] section of the INI file to set the TransferType setting to filebased, but incorrectly set the LiveTransferEnabled setting to True instead of False, the job fails to display a validation error. Also, the migration continues using the block-based transfer method. (Bug 994513)

Workaround: To migrate Linux workloads using File-based transfer, you must ensure that the LiveTransferEnabled setting is set to False.

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