4.2 Prerequisites for Using Password Self-Service

Review the information in Section 3.0, Managing Passwords by Using Password Policies and meet the prerequisites in Section 3.3, Prerequisite Tasks for Using Password Policies.

Although you can use some Password Self-Service features without deploying Universal Password, we recommend that you prepare your environment and turn on Universal Password so you can use all the features of password policies.

You can also set up the Password Self-Service features in Virtual Office. Users use the Virtual Office portal (https://www.my_iManager_server.com/vo by default) to access the self-service features. See Integrating Password Self-Service with Virtual Office.

The Novell Client also takes advantage of Password Self-Service features. See “Using Forgotten Password Self-Service” in the Novell Client for Windows Administration Guide.

Although users can use iManager 2.0.2 as one way to use the Password Self-Service features, this section assumes that you are managing Password Self-Service by using iManager 2.5 or later.