3.2 Understanding Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

SOAP is defined in Wikipedia as an XML based data exchange protocol often used to transfer messages over HTTPS. The SOAP protocol is a key component in Web services, implementing the messaging layer of Web services to provide data access and remote procedure calls (RPC).

The Web 2.0 Connect API is exposed through a set of WSI Basic Profile compliant SOAP v1.1 endpoints. The API supports XML binary Optimized Packaging (XOP) and SOAP Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM) for transmission of binary data. The SOAP API is fully described by the following endpoints:

For Web2ConnectService, the Namespace is:


The WSDL can be accessed using this URL:


The following methods are available on this endpoint:

  • closeSession

  • createElement

  • createRelationship

  • createSession

  • deleteElement

  • findElement

  • findElements

  • findParent

  • getAlarms

  • getChildren

  • getElementAttributes

  • getElementChildrenAttributes

  • getHistoricalAlarms

  • getImpactedInfo

  • getMetamodelPropertyPages

  • getPerformanceSeriesInfo

  • getPropertyPages

  • getRelated

  • getRelationships

  • getRootCauseTree

  • performOperation

  • ping

  • queryPerformanceSeries

  • removeRelationship

  • removeRelationships

  • renameElement

  • searchElements

  • updateElement

  • updateRelationship