8.1 Understanding the Performance View

Performance data is available for elements associated with:

  • Some network management systems, such as BMC PATROL

    This data is automatically available for display in the Performance view for the elements associated with the management system.

  • The Operations Center Service Level Manager (SLM), which is an optional feature

    SLM enables viewing historical performance data saved for elements. Ask your administrator if the company has purchased and configured SLM.

The key components of the Performance view are:

  • Explorer pane: Lists elements. Select an element by clicking it. If performance information is available for a selected element, the associated properties display in the Chart Properties pane.

  • Chart Properties pane: Lists the types of performance data that can be charted for the selected element.

  • Timeline: Identifies the dates and times associated with the charted performance data. Provides tools for easy navigation of the Performance charts.

  • Chart pane: Displays performance data for a selected element using a line chart, sted bar chart, or condition line chart.