8.4 Viewing and Editing Chart Properties

Access chart statistics through the chart’s property pages.

To view or edit the properties of a chart:

  1. In the Performance view, right-click a chart, then select Properties to open the Properties dialog.

  2. The Properties tab displays summary information about the chart.

    For Condition charts, the Properties tab also displays the Pie chart described in Section 8.2.3, Condition Line Chart. The minimum and maximum chart values display, along with total data points and dates and times of the first and last charted values.

  3. In the left pane, click Times.

    The Times tab displays the current time interval. Change the date range or time interval, if necessary. For details on editing the Times tab, see Section 8.8, Adjusting Time Intervals.

  4. Click Apply.

    The chart updates using the specified date and time range.

  5. In the left pane, click Display.

    The Display tab in the Properties page displays options that enhance the chart display.

  6. Specify the following in the fields provided:

    Chart Height: Determines the height of the displayed chart.

    Minimum and Maximum Display Values: Determines the range of values displayed on the chart’s Y‑axis.

    Background Color: The color that displays behind the chart data.

    Gradient Fill: Used in combination with the background color.

    Show 3D: Select the check box to display three-dimensional shapes.

    Show Major and/or Minor Grids: Adds Y‑axis lines that improve chart readability when there are many data points.

  7. To apply the current settings to all charts that are subsequently created, click Save to Defaults.

  8. Click Apply to refresh the chart using the changed settings.


    To cancel changes before clicking the Apply button, click the Reset button to revert to the previously saved settings.