5.5 Service Catalog Changes Report

If you use Operations Center as a service catalog, you can create a report that gives you changes in the catalog if you have configured version tracking. The version tracking functionality in Operations Center records all changes to an element. When the following change events occur, they are recorded as alarms:

  • Create, change, or remove an element

  • Add, change, or remove an attribute

  • Add, change, or remove a relationship

For more information about change events and version tracking, see the Operations Center Version Tracking Guide.

Your Operations Center server must be configured for version tracking in order to capture and report on change data.

You can use this data to create a report that shows all the changes to elements over a specific amount of time. This report gives you an indication of how your service catalog has changed over time. For an example of a report created with SQL Views, see the Operations Center Version Tracking Guide.