2.1 Prerequisites

SQL Views is automatically installed during the installation of Operations Center. To use SQL Views, the following requirements must be met:

  • The Operations Center server must be up and running.

  • SQL Views is installed with the default port of 1560. However, this port might be changed in the Configuration Manager.

    Configuration settings are generally set at the time Operations Center is installed. If another port is used, you must specify it in order to connect to SQL Views. For more information, see the Operations Center Server Installation Guide.

  • For an external reporting tool to connect to Operations Center, one of the following requirements must be met, depending on the tool used:

    • An ODBC driver for reporting tools that do not have native support for JDBC

      This includes most Windows reporting tools. After an ODBC driver is installed, an ODBC data source must be defined.

      For information on ODBC drivers, see Section 2.2, Configuring the ODBC Driver.

    • A JDBC driver for access to Java applications that have native support for JDBC

      For information on JDBC drivers, see Section 2.3, JDBC Driver Requirements.