10.3 Disabling the Network and Layout Views

Performance issues in some client environments might require disabling the Network and Layout views in the Operations Center console for nonadmin users.

These views are disabled by changing the current Operations Center console configuration directly through the /OperationsCenter_install_path/html/applet_params.xml file.

You can create a custom applet parameters file that is not overwritten during installation. Saving custom parameters in a separate file called applet_params.custom.xml guarantees that you need not reapply them after installation.

For more information on creating a custom applet_params.xml file, see the Operations Center Server Installation Guide.

To disable the Network and Layout views:

  1. To update the applet_params.xml (or applet_params.custom.xml) for the Network and Layout views, change the XML code to the following:

    <param name="SVG.ShowLayoutSVG" value="false" />
    <param name="BrowserFrame.ShowNetworkPanel" value="false" />
    <param name="BrowserFrame.ShowAllPanelsToAdmins" value="true" />

    When SVG.ShowLayoutSVG and BrowserFrame.ShowNetworkPanel are set to False, users who belong to the administrators group can see the Network and Layout view tabs in the Operations Center console. Other users do not see these tabs and cannot access these views.

  2. To allow users in the administrators group to access the Layout and Network views through the console, set BrowserFrame.ShowAllPanelsToAdmins to True.

    For more information on the administrators group and permissions, see the Operations Center Security Management Guide.