7.3 Setting User Permissions on Portal Pages and Page Content

Operations Center permissions (determines the data in the Operations Center server that the user can access) cannot be changed in the dashboard. To change permissions to Operations Center, you must access the permissions in the Operations Center console.

Dashboard permissions are relevant to all functionality in the dashboard. When user accounts are created in the dashboard and thus added to the Operations Center server, the user is automatically added to the users group in the Operations Center server and receives all permissions assigned to the users group.

These accounts are automatically set to have restricted access to the Operations Center console. This means that the user can only log in to the dashboard or another Operations Center Web client; the user cannot log in to the Operations Center console.

Dashboard permissions are granted to users or user groups to perform actions that on a set of resources using roles. Dashboard roles are used to define permissions across their scope: across the portal, across a user groups, or across a portal community, or assign individual permissions to a specific portlet.

Permissions can be used to assign tasks to users to help with the administration of the dashboard. For example, assign to a user some of the roles of an enterprise, organization, or location administrator. Assign users to manage communities and pages within communities. You can moderate content by distributing it among communities and delegate the responsibility for moderating communities to various users.

For more information about dashboard users and permissions, see User Accounts and Portal and Site Permissions in the Operations Center Dashboard Guide.