4.2 Accessing Servers

Access to Operations Center servers requires administrative privileges as well as a valid admin user ID and password, and knowledge of the correct URL to the server. Having access to the Operations Center server enables configuring the server components through the Configuration Manager. Edit the /OperationsCenter_install_path/config/Formula.custom.properties file to configure environment settings that cannot be configured with the Configuration Manager.

A separate administration console is used to manage the Image server, which is a key component of the Business Server Dashboard. It allows the dashoard to render dynamic and 3D charts including performance and geographic information.

The Image Server Administration Console is accessible through a Web browser, but requires a URL and password. Use the Image Server Administration Console to perform tasks such as setting security permissions (important in a multi-homed server environment) and changing the admin password for the Image Server Console. The security settings include setting allowable URLs for the Image server, including valid IP addresses or hostnames. If you are operating in a multi-homed server environment, add all servers to the PathMaps code. See the Operations Center Server Configuration Guide for details.