3.27 PlateSpin Orchestrate

The PlateSpin Orchestrate adapter is designed to display an overview of PlateSpin resources, provide specific operations on VMs, and provide alarms to alert the user of conditions that might need attention.

The adapter displays resources based on:

  • Host Servers (Physical)

  • Virtual Machines

  • Resource Groups

  • Repositories

Relationships between the Host Servers and VM's are displayed within the Operations Center hierarchy. Operations available for VM's include Start, Shutdown, Restart, Pause, Unpause, Suspend and Resume.

Repository information and alarms are available to help the user easily determine if available repository disk space is a concern.

To integrate to PlateSpin Orchestrate:

  1. Create a PlateSpin Orchestrate adapter or each instance of a PlateSpin Orchestrate on the network.

    For instructions, see Section 2.1, Creating an Adapter.

    For property descriptions, see Section A.33, PlateSpin Orchestrate.