4.5 Changing the Host/Device Community

With SNMP, communities are used to establish trust and security between managers and agents. Each agent is configured with three community names: read-only, read-write, and trap. The community names are the passwords that you use to access your account and that represent primary types of activity:

  • read-only: This community string only allows data values to be read. There is no modification of any kind. This is the only community string used by the SNMP Integrator adapter.

  • read-write: This community string allows both the reading and writing of data values. This means that values can be reset, interfaces can be reset, and changes can be made to a device‚Äôs configuration.

  • trap: This community string allows you to receive asynchronous notifications from an agent.

To change the community for a host or device:

  1. In the Explorer pane, expand the Elements root element.

  2. Right-click the top-level SNMP Adapter element, then select Properties to open the Status property page.

  3. In the left pane, click Hosts/Devices to open the Hosts/Devices property page.

  4. Select the host, then click Change Community.

  5. Specify your password in the prompt dialog box.