A.2 Step 1. Create the Business Metric Demo Database

The SLA Demo utilizes the BusinessMetricDemo.sql script to create a database demo. The first steps are to access the demo script in order to make changes to it, then execute the script to create the demo database.

To customize the demo script:

  1. Open the /OperationsCenter_install_path/demo/template/BusinessMetricDemo.sql file in a text editor.

  2. To use a different name for the database, replace the database name, MO_BSMDB, with the new database name, for all occurrences in the script.

    The database name is listed in several places in the script.

  3. If you change the database demo name, be sure to change the database name in the adapter properties.

    For more information, see Section A.3, Step 2. Create a Business Metric Demo Adapter.

  4. (Optional) Change the directory to store the data in a different location.

    The data directory is the directory where the demo data, BDIDemo.MDF and BDIDemo.LDF is created.

  5. Save the script file with a unique name.

Then using your SQL Server tools, execute the modified /OperationsCenter_install_path/demo/template/BusinessMetricDemo.sql script to create the demo database and populate it with demo data.