10.0 Adjusting Data

Operations Center provides a way to enter outages for an element. For example, a device can be down, but data for this outage might not be available in the Business Service Warehouse. An outage that lasted 6 minutes was only recorded as lasting 1 minute. These types of discrepancies might occur when the Operations Center server is down or when data is not fed directly to Operations Center in real time. Manual outages can be used to record these untracked outages.

There are two methods for entering element outages:

  • Create an outage for a specific element in the Operations Center console

  • Use a JavaScript to create outages

Manually creating an outage has an impact on SLA calculations in terms of when the outage is calculated and how the outage interacts with other system-generated outages if there is an overlap. There is a way to create outages so they have no impact on SLAs.