2.2 Using Data Storage

The service level metrics necessary to analyze whether service level compliance is being met and service level health is acceptable are stored in a database called the Business Service Warehouse (BSW).

This database is external to Operations Center and can be one of the following types of databases:

  • IBM DB 2

  • Microsoft SQL

  • Oracle

  • PostgreSQLs

  • Sybase

The database must be set up and configured. After it is ready for use, define the database in the Operations Center console.

By default, the BSW has a backup repository. There is also a default job to purge data at 3 AM daily; this can be changed.

To manually start and stop the engine that collects data for storage in the BSW:

  1. In the Operations Center console, expand Enterprise > Administration, then locate Data Warehouse in the hierarchy.

  2. Right-click Data Warehouse, then select Stop Data Warehouse or Start Data Warehouse.

For more information about the Service Warehouse and how it is configured, see the Operations Center 5.6 Server Configuration Guide.