2.1 Understanding the Integration Tools

Operations Center integrates data from other management systems that collect data relevant to SLAs. The types of data vary and include trouble ticket systems and technology monitoring.

Operations Center also has three other tools for collecting data:

Operations Center uses adapters to connect to connect to and communicate with third-party management systems. Different Operations Center adapters exist for different management systems; create an adapter for each specific management system that integrates with Operations Center. In some cases, the adapter communicates bi-directly with the management system. For more information, see the Operations Center 5.6 Adapter and Integration Guide.

IMPORTANT:Notes about data from adapters:

  • When using an Event Manager adapter to collect historical data for SLAs, set the Use Alarm Times for Condition Changes adapter property to True. For historical alarm data, the properties are recorded based on the alarm record time instead of the alarm receipt time. This is important for the calculation of objectives based on alarm properties.

  • Be sure that element properties created by an adapter meet the supported schema.

    To store alarm history, SLA data, or performance data, the element properties created by an adapter must meet the supported schema as specified in the Data Dictionary. Otherwise a “value too large” error occurs, displaying the maximum allowed length for a property value and the actual length. For example, dnames cannot exceed 3,000 characters.