4.4 Restoring Your Previous Version of Operations Center

If an upgrade fails, you can restore your previous version of Operations Center:

  1. Stop the Operations Center server and all components completely, including mosdaemon, all servers, and all adapters.

    For details on stopping mosdaemon and all servers, see Manually Stopping Operations Center Components in the Operations Center 5.6 Server Configuration Guide.

  2. Turn off the Auto-Restart Service if it is running.

    For details about the auto-restart service, see Configuring an Auto-Restart in the Operations Center 5.6 Server Configuration Guide.

  3. Restore the previous copy of your databases.

    For assistance with restoring your database, see your Database Administrator.

  4. Reinstall your prior version.

    Follow the upgrade instructions in this chapter and see Section 2.0, Operations Center Server Installation.

  5. Restore the backup copies of the configuration files that were made prior to the upgrade.

    Migrate any custom changes made in files from directory backups in Section 4.2, Retaining Custom Settings into the new properties files.