4.3 Performing the Upgrade to 5.6

Before performing any upgrades, consult the Release Notes and the Readme for any technical considerations. To upgrade to version 5.6, you must be running version 5.5, 5.0 March 2014 Patch Release, or 5.0 October 2014 Patch Release.

Perform the following steps to upgrade:

  1. If upgrading from Operations Center 5.0 and your NetIQ Operations Center Daemon service is not using the Local System account for Log On, verify the account settings.

  2. Shut down the Operations Center server.

  3. Continue with Section 2.0, Operations Center Server Installation.

  4. Clean up the upgraded installation directory by removing the following files without causing harm to the system:

    • Client, Server, Experience Manager, and Event Manager (Eve) patch directories are renamed and retained upon upgrade.

      You can delete any of these renamed directories without affecting anything other than the ability to rollback to a prior version of Operations Center.

    • Files in the /database/notconverted directory.

      This directory exists after you start the Operations Center server the first time. Review these files before deleting them to ensure that everything that should have been converted during upgrade was converted cleanly.

  5. Manually edit the hierarchy XML files for existing Data Integrator adapter definitions or other adapters to point to the NetIQ DTD web site at http://www.netiq.com/dtds/hierarchy_2.0.dtd.

    • XML files for Data Integrator definitions are located in /OperationsCenter_install_path/bdi/adapter_name/data/adapter_nameHierarchy.xml.

    • XML files for adapter definitions are located in /OperationsCenter_install_path/database/examples. To verify the XML file used for an adapter, check the adapter’s property settings.

  6. (Optional) You may want to disable the Java version check on console launch. This will turn off the warning message to users that the version has changed. For instructions, see Section 3.3, Disabling Java Version Warnings on Console Launch.