15.4 Modifying the Algorithm Library

All algorithms surfaced by the algorithm library are algorithms that are defined in the /OperationsCenter_install_path/database/examples/Algorithms.xml file.

Make a copy of the Algorithms.xml file to customize existing algorithm definitions or to create additional algorithms. While any XML editor can be used to edit the Algorithms.xml file, the Algorithms Editor makes changes to the algorithm library easy.

The /OperationsCenter_install_path/database/examples/Algorithms_examples.xml file contains additional commented examples on how algorithms can be implemented. These examples are untested to a production scale and should be implemented carefully, one at a time, copying only those you expect to use into the active Algorithms.xml file.

When creating custom algorithms, keep in mind:

  • If a deleted algorithm is used by an element, the element’s algorithm is reset to the default algorithm.

  • Do not set more than 10 banding thresholds.

To customize the Algorithm Library by editing the Algorithms.xml file:

  1. Copy the /OperationsCenter_install_path/database/examples/Algorithms.xml file into the /OperationsCenter_install_path/database directory.

    If this step is not performed, manual changes in the default Algorithms.xml file are lost Operations Center software is reinstalled or upgraded.

  2. In the Explorer pane, expand Administration > Server.

  3. Right-click the Algorithms element and select Edit Algorithm Definition to open the Algorithm Editor.

  4. Edit algorithm tags or create new definitions as required.

    For general information about using the Algorithm Editor, see Section A.0, The Operations Center XML Editor.

    For information about specific tags, see Section 15.5, Algorithm XML Tags Reference.

    It is not necessary to restart the Operations Center server for changes to be applied.