6.6 Generating Audit Alarms for Non-Adapter Log Messages

Generating an audit alarm each time a non-Adapter log message is sent to the log file can help identify potential system problems, especially when the administrator does not have direct access to the trace (.trc) files on remote Operations Center servers. For information on generating audit alarms for adapter-related log messages, see Section 6.4, Globally Enabling Auditing and Storage of Audit Events.

To generate audit alarms for non-Adapter log messages:

  1. In the Explorer pane, expand the Enterprise root element > Administration.

  2. Right-click the Server element and select Properties.

  3. In the left pane, click Audit.

  4. In the Audit property page, select one of the non-Adapter log message events to audit.

    The selected event generates an audit alarm for every non-Adapter log message that is created and sent to the log file.

  5. Click Apply.