2.7 Enabling Automatic User Login

The Operations Center server supports the automatic login of users. Enabling auto-login requires the following:

  • The user must already have an account in Operations Center

  • The formula.properties and applet-params.xml files must be modified on the Operations Center server as described below

  • A specified HTTP header exists and has a valid Operations Center user name when the Operations Server console connects to the Operations Center Web server to resolve the initial CORBA IOR reference

To enable automatic user login:

  1. Configure the following three properties in the formula.properties file as indicated:

    Server.header.auth.principal= should be set to the HTTP header name that will be used, such as remote-user.

    # Server.allow.auth.principal
    # Allow token based logins if true.
    # Server.header.auth.principal
    # Header used for the token login principal.
    # Server.header.auth.token
    # Header used for the token login token.
  2. Configure the following three properties in the applet-param.xml file as indicated:

    <param name="Connection.allow.auth.principal" value="true" />
    <param name="Connection.header.auth.principal" value="auth-principal" />
    <param name="Connection.header.auth.token" value="auth-token" />

    Connection.header.auth.principal and Connection.header.auth.token properties must have the same values as the corresponding properties in the formula.properties file.