C.1 Editing the SVG Code and Regenerate the Drawing

The View Source link allows you to examine and directly edit the SVG code associated with a drawing. The Highlight in Source View option automatically marks the SVG code for a selected object in the drawing.

To edit the SVG code:

  1. In Edit mode, do one of the following:

    • Right-click an element, then select Highlight in Source View. The Source view displays the highlighted code associated with the element.

    • Click View Source.

  2. Right-click the background of the Source view to access editing options, including:

    • Find, Find Next: Locates specified text string.

    • Highlight Syntax: Highlights selected text string.

    • Insert CDATA Marks: Saves typing time by entering:

      <![CDATA[ ]]>

    • Insert Bind Script Template: Saves typing time by entering bind command syntax, which you can then customize.

    • Remove Generated Elements: Removes all text related to generated elements in the drawing.

    • Turn on Line Wrap: Enables line wrapping for easier viewing.

    • Small/Medium/Large: Changes text size in Source View.

  3. Click (Save).

  4. Click Back to Preview to switch from the code view to the Layout view drawing.

    The XML validator examines the edited SVG code and attempts to highlight any problematic code.

  5. Right-click the drawing background, then select Regenerate Drawing.