B.7 General Bind Annotations

Certain bindings are placed as attributes throughout the SVG model. These set context for operations, and direct how certain functions should be performed. They are independent of the various bind:* elements. These can exist at arbitrary points in the XML structure.

General bind annotations:

  • bind:highlight: Signifies a match for palette handling.

    The bind engine adds bind:highlight to elements in a palette that match against the element passed to the highlight method. It is set to Some if at least one element in the selection matches; otherwise, it is set to All if all elements in the selection match.

  • bind:DName: Sets the DName, which is used as the root object for most commands.

    This is a scoped attribute. When a command requires a DName (or other object identification) to continue, it searches from the binding location upwards to parents until a binding is found.