5.3 Changing Default Drill-Down Behavior Using Drawing Shortcuts

The drawing shortcut feature enables you to double-click an element in the Layout view and go to (select) a different element in the Explorer pane. This rule provides an exception to the default drill-down behavior for an element.

To set up the Drawing Shortcut:

  1. In the Drawing Shortcut section of the Element pane, click Set.

  2. Navigate to the element, then click OK.

    The selected element name displays in the Drawing Shortcut section:

    Drawing Shortcut

    When the Across Business Units object is double-clicked in the Layout view, the Layout view drawing drills in to show the Application Servers drawing, which is in a different branch of the element hierarchy, because of the defined Drawing Shortcut.

    HINT:When an element is bound to a shape and you hover the mouse over the element in View mode, the status bar displays the name of the bound element as a link to the shape. However, when a drawing shortcut exists and you hover the mouse over the affected element, the status bar displays the drawing shortcut element name as the link to the shape.