3.7 Manipulating Shapes and Objects

While working in the Layout view, you can use standard element options for the element currently selected in the Explorer pane. These options include viewing element properties, and viewing Impacted and Root Cause.

In Edit mode, right-clicking the background of the drawing displays drawing options in addition to the standard element options, which display under the Element menu option. Edit and Format menu options are available for editing drawing shapes, which are added using the drawing tools, and for graphics that represent elements in the Elements hierarchy (displayed in the Explorer pane).

  • To select a drawing shape or element for editing, click the shape in the Layout view.

    The selection “handles” display around its perimeter.

  • To select multiple elements, press and hold the Shift key, then select multiple elements.

  • To change the color of shapes or lines in a drawing, use the Properties pane. To view a tooltip for any item on this pane, position the mouse over the item.

    Select a drawing component, such as a shape or line. The Properties pane updates to display the current properties for the drawing object.

    Keep in mind that the properties apply only to the Layout view items that can use them. For example, if you use the Palette to set a group’s line, color, and fill properties, the drawing attempts to pass these property values to the children nested inside that group. This inheritance works only if a different property value has not been specified for the nested children. Specified property values for children take precedence over their parents’ properties.

  • To edit shapes, right-click a drawing shape, or click the Edit menu, then select an option:

    Copy: Copies the shape and all its properties to the clipboard.

    Paste: Pastes the shape in the drawing.

    Cut: Removes the shape and places it on the clipboard.

    Delete: Permanently removes the shape from the drawing.

  • To edit editing shapes or elements that were manually added to the drawing (not elements that are part of the Automatic layout), right-click a shape or element, or click the Format menu and select an option:

    Align: Arranges multiple elements using the selected starting point, such as Right or Top. Available only when multiple elements are selected.

    Set to the same: Changes the elements to the same width, height, or size. Available only when multiple elements are selected.

    Spacing: Place the elements in the horizontal or vertical center of the view. Available only when multiple elements are selected.

    Order: When elements overlap, specify the order for the current shape in relation to the other element: on Top or Bottom, or one layer Down or Up.

    Rotate: Rotates the elements using the specified degree.

    Flip: Turns the elements 180 degrees along its vertical or horizontal axis.