B.8 Script Objects

The following script objects are available when using NOC scripts for custom Layout views:

  • element: Operations Center element, which is documented in the Operations Center 5.6 Scripting Guide.

  • dname: Dname derived from the element in the current scope of the executing layout view script.

  • cachingelement: A helper element used to access bulk-requested element attributes. See Section B.4, Bind Values.

  • document: A reference to the current layout view's XML document. This document is of type org.w3c.dom.svg.SVGDocument which is a subclass of org.w3c.dom.Document.

These script objects are for use with NOC Script. For more information about NOC Script, see the Operations Center 5.6 Scripting Guide.

Note that binding, target, mode layoutElement, and util objects are intended for internal use and are subject to change in a future release.