7.2 Copying Configurations

A Operations Center configuration might need to be copied from one machine (source) to another (target) machine for various reasons including:

  • Promoting a test server configuration to a production server.

  • Two identical Operations Center servers are configured for fault tolerance (high availability) purposes.

  • A backup copy of customizations to the Operations Center configuration needs to be created without retaining the entire directory structure.

  • Migrating configuration settings from the default database to an external database.

You can copy an entire configuration and move it from one server to another. You can then rename configuration files and easily switch between configurations by renaming and restarting the server.

You can also import and export configurations or portions of a configuration from one Operations Center server to another. For example, you can export just a portion of the elements in the hierarchy as displayed in the Operations Center console. For more information, see the Operations Center 5.6 Server Configuration Guide.