6.2 Speed

The speed at which users receive data from Operations Center varies depending on such factors as the speed of the LAN/WAN connection, how the management systems are configured in your environment, and the number of adapters and amount of data on your Operations Center server.

To improve speed, you could use a Remote Container server to off‑load some adapters from the Operations Center server. You could also use load balancers and redirectors:

  • Load Balancers: Load balancers are smart technologies that track the amount of resources utilized on an individual server at all times. When new users log in, they are automatically redirected to the server with the lowest utilization rate that can provide the requested service. This common practice distributes end user loads evenly across multiple servers.

  • Redirectors: Redirectors are sometimes built into load balancers. This type of technology is used as software based clustering (or could be a physical box). Redirectors detect when a service is no longer available on a particular server and redirects existing or new end users to another available server.